A holistic healing system to bring about wholeness, balance
and to gather scattered energies.

By focussing the breath within different areas of the body we notice tightness that
often accompanies mental or emotional tensions that are stored in the body which
have been brought about by stress in day to day living. Through relaxation and
awareness these tensions can be grounded and dispersed.


By stretching, twisting and folding the body we release toxins that block energy from
flowing freely. By accepting or overcoming obstacles in our posture work the mind
also becomes more flexible and this brings about greater self trust and confidence,
resolve and adaptability.


By co-ordination of movement and breath or simple sounds we more easily focus our
attention on what we are doing and the mind becomes more steady. This helps to
bring greater clarity into our daily lives.


By opening up the body we enable better breathing. When we breathe more easily
and fully we take in more energy which literally en-energises us and we are also
more able to discard physical impurities. Our increased energy helps us to feel more
alive, alert, fresh, optimistic and able to cope with life’s stresses and ups and downs.
The overall effects are generally increased energy, calmness, focus and improved
ability to relax and to sleep.


Group Classes

Small groups of up to 14 held on Monday and Wednesday evenings in SE3 and
SE12, see schedule for further details

One to one Yoga

Sessions are tailored to individual needs and awareness can be brought to specific
concerns such as back pain, neck and shoulder tension and stress.
Contact Narayani to arrange a session or course of sessions at your home or workplace
in South East London


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