Sound Healing

A relaxing, soothing and nurturing treatment using the voice for healing

During a session, you are given space to allow your energy to settle and
ground where you can find your own inner stillness. Narayani uses her voice
to scan the body, toning both close to the physical body as well as within the
outer layers of the energy field. During these scans Narayani audibly and
intuitively senses where healing is needed and special attention is then given
through further toning. Other soothing sounds or mantras may also be used.

By the principle of entrainment, harmonious tones are capable of resetting
unbalanced vibrations within the body which may have been brought about by
stress, strain, illness or disease and so returning the body to a state of
harmony. Crystals may also be used to assist in amplifying the effect of
the toning.

The treatment helps to bring about a state of deep relaxation or meditative
awareness. The effect of the treatment may be that pain or tension is
released and the recipient may feel more relaxed, their energy is lifted, which
can bring a feeling of lightness and joy. The healing vibrations permeate the
body for several days and relief can continue to be felt throughout this period
and beyond.

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Yogic Touch Therapy

A combination of energy awareness, healing and bodywork.

Release and re-energise with a relaxing treatment combining touch, energy
healing, holding and stretching. During a session, you are given space to
allow your energy to settle and ground where you can find your own inner
stillness. Guided breath visualisations may be given to assist in this regard.


Narayani uses her sense of energy awareness to tune in and listen with
mindfulness to assess or intuit what bodywork, if any, is needed. Some
sessions may be comprised mainly of grounding, holding and healing. When
used, the bodywork is varied and ranges from holding and listening to shiatsu
type stretches that are applied and held in order to allow tension to be released.


Treatment is received fully clothed on a massage table and is suitable to
alleviate stress, tension, tiredness, headache, backache, anxiety, panic
attacks, raised blood pressure and to improve rehabilitation after injury,
trauma and surgery.


After a session you will feel rested, restored, centred, balanced, open and at
ease with yourself. A single treatment is useful to relax and re-energise.
A course of treatments may be necessary for longstanding or serious conditions.
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